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Bondage Nights

We meet each month at a well equipped bondage space in West Hollywood.

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Bondage Nights: Who Should Attend

While every event has rules for persons who are able to attend, we want to clarify some of this for you.

Our events are geared towards men, we define that as Cisgender Male (Cis-Male), or Trans Men.

We understand that there are many genders, including non-identifiable genders. However for our events the two listed above are the ones that are allowed to attend our event in order to keep our event a safe space for our patrons.

We understand that this might be upsetting to you, however, in order to establish consent along with keeping our event a safe space for all of our patrons. For some of our attendees, it is the first time in any space like this, so we have to keep our event with the genders listed above.

While we are in no way being non-inclusive, we have guidelines like any other establishment along with bylaws that we are able to abide by that runs & governs our club.

Our club bylaws define this wording to the two listed above.

We thank you for taking the time to read this, if you are still unsure about this policy, please reach out to us.

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